Deep South Guitars are handcrafted by Jim Rogers at his small wood shop in Pride, Louisiana. Jim meticulously crafts our unique electric guitars using select wooden cigar boxes and materials.

The history of the cigar box guitar takes us back to the civil war era, where the first known cigar box guitars and stringed instruments were assembled by war weary troops with whatever materials could be found. The years following the war found many in the deep south living in poverty, working as farm laborers and share croppers, unable to afford anything but the bare necessities for everyday life. These impoverished southern Americans used a number of home implements such as wash tubs, spoons, wash boards, and wooden cigar boxes to fashion makeshift instruments. Throughout the following years and into the great depression, the cigar box guitar became a staple for the impoverished musician, and the backbone of the development of the blues.

Deep South Guitars builds electric cigar box guitars reminiscent of the old style make shift guitars of yesteryear, with unique, current style additions. Although these guitars may have a fragile appearance, they are sturdy built with highly playable necks, and components, that can be played as aggressively as any guitar. These guitars are professionally set up for smooth playability, perfect intonation, and have a really nice sharp, spanky sound that will please any guitarist from the beginner to the professional.

Deep South Guitars offers 4 string models (tuned to open G) and six string models (standard tuning).

Note to buyer: Our guitars are handcrafted with used wood cigar boxes. Although we carefully choose our boxes, some may have blemishes, or scuff marks from use during shipping of the cigars to the original retailer.

Pair one of our guitars with one of our unique portable mini amps as a gift for your favorite aspiring musician today. Or email us at for special build requests.

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